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A leading Shropshire based Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency

At Digital Moves, we deliver performance focused digital marketing solutions that help our clients to grow new revenue streams in the most cost effective and profitable way possible for their business.

Whilst we specialise in eCommerce and acquisition channels, we have clients across many industry verticals in both B2B and B2C markets. If you have a need for new customers and to scale cost effectively, we’re the right agency partner for you!

What we do for our clients

Performance based marketing for small and medium sized businesses

Website Design

We design and build both websites and eCommerce stores to generate leads and revenue for our clients. Our platform specialisms are Shopify and WordPress which are both exceptionally suites to SMEs.

Google Ads

Utilising paid traffic to drive cost effective conversions for your business in a scalable manner. Whether it's through Search Ads, Google Shopping, Video or Display, we're fully accredited and can help you get the most from the least investment.


Whilst ranking positions are important, we focus on driving new quality traffic that converts and competing where we're able to be effective. Our SEO efforts are all about helping you to gain ranking positions through good content and sound practice.


An intrinsic part of your marketing mix. We'll help you to scale your audience, target and ultimately convert through this sales channel more effectively. We utilise both paid and organic social channels to grow your audience and reach.

Why Choose Us?

Our success is linked to your success

Each and every client is intrinsically valued by our business. We know that by helping you to scale and grow, that we’re also able to scale and grow.

As a result of this, we utilise the most effective performance marketing techniques to help you grow your business cost effectively through the channels that will yield the best results for your business.

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Performance Marketing

Results come first

As an agency, we firmly believe that for small businesses results matter most of all. That’s why our services are geared to deliver exceptional value and results for our clients. Performance marketing is all about delivering a quantifiable return.

Without that, there’s ambiguity, and with ambiguity comes risk. Both for your business, and for ours. We’re transparent in our approach, we’ll tell you what we know will and won’t work, and won’t recommend anything that will not perform well for your business. That’s not in anyone’s best interest.

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