EatSleepGym is a fitness and bodybuilding blog. We’ve been involved since it’s inception and have seen 3 website iterations. In this latest iteration there has been a switch from content to eCommerce and a memership site which we’ve facilitated without the need to change platform, as well as a reskin of the site itself.

The Problem

EatSleepGym came to us with a high traffic blog, monetised through affiliate links and adsense, however they were looking to add another dimension to the site and morph it to suit their changing needs. What they wanted was the ability to sell products online when the time was right, which led to an eCommerce store. 

They also wanted to increase user engagement through a membership site option and most importantly retain traffic.

EatSleepGym Website
EatSleepGym 2

The Result

We developed a site with the ability to serve both affiliate product links and their own stock. We actually removed some “dead wood” content which led to a 30% traffic surge organically post launch. Their revenue through affiliate and advertising channels has increased as well as other sold services due to the improved user experience and information architecture. 

We now sit in place to advise on content strategy and further developing the site as business needs change over time. Currently, we write all site content to SEO briefs, content production for social media and administer the website.

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