Generating press coverage is a great way to build both credibility and backlinks. In this article we’re going to cover off one of the simplest and fastest ways of discovering press opportunities on Twitter through #journorequest and #journorequests.

We’re also going to show you how to cut through the noise and find relevant opportunities to you, with Twitter’s advanced search function.

So, what is a journo request?

What is #journorequest?

The hashtags #journorequest and #journorequests are used on twitter for journalists to search for users to contribute to articles, but also PRs to submit articles to journalists.

Scouring the hashtags presents you with a range of things journalists are speaking about and used properly, can put you in front of them, getting your name and that of your business out there.


Once you’ve got your PR opportunity, then simply reach out to journalists and you can get your story or business featured, it really is that simple!

Using Twitter advanced search to find PR opportunities

First of all, you need a twitter account. Once you have that, then the world is your oyster in getting PR opportunities. But how?

Well here’s a guide to use Twitter’s advanced search function to find PR opportunities.

  1. On desktop, from the main menu, click explore, you will be presented with the search tab
  2. Enter #journorequest in the search bar
  3. When the results page displays, you will be displayed with a sidebar showing search filter options, click where it says advanced search.
Twitter advanced search

4. You will then be presented with the following box

5. In the popup box, as we have above, enter the hashtags #journorequest and #journorequests to display all tweets within those hashtags, then to filter for those relevant to you, enter relevant keywords into the search box for “ANY OF THESE WORDS” and search.

6. You’ll then be shown a search results page as above, and can go through a segmented relevant list of results, with your keywords and opportunities in your market, contact and you’re good to go!

Our Top Tips For Using #journorequest

  1. Check the requests daily as these opportunities are often time sensitive
  2. Respond to as many as you can that are relevant, a wider net is best
  3. Keep a record of your features
  4. Place anchor text within your content with backlinks to get SEO benefit from your features

Best of luck with generating PR opportunities and press coverage, if you’d like to know more about how we can help you to acquire links, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.