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Google Ads

Google Ads | Google Shopping | Display Advertising
Search Ads

Keyword targeting to drive relevant traffic that converts to your website

Google Shopping

Advertise your product catalogue to people readily searching for products you sell

Display Ads

Contextual interest based targeting and remarketing to increase conversion rates and brand awareness

Google Ads

We use Google Ads to drive targeted traffic that converts clicks into customers

Google Ads are a fantastic way to generate traffic and ultimately new revenue for your business. You “pay per click”, as such, you’re only paying when a visitor lands on your site.


We have extremely defined processes and strategies that focus on driving the most engaged traffic, looking for your products at services at the time they’re ready to buy.


Our methods are all about generating a positive and profitable return on investment for your business, so if Paid Search won’t be profitable for your business based on our research and forecasts, we’ll be completely transparent and won’t recommend it for your business.

Benefits of Google Ads


  • The audience has already declared intent by telling you what they are searching for
  • Advertisers control the message people are seeing
  • Advertisers control the ad position through bidding
  • Provides the opportunity to take up more real estate on the search engine results page
  • Paid search is trackable and gives insights into audience behaviour

Google Analytics

How It Works

We target the top performing keywords and bid effectively to generate relevant traffic

Someone searches & you enter the auction if the search matches one of the keywords you are bidding on.


Based on your bid, competition & other relevant factors, your ad can be eligible for the auction.


  1. Choose keyword & bid amount
  2. Entered into auction when user’s search matches keywords
  3. Ad placement determined by Max CPC & Ad rank

Take a look at some of our Google Ads clients


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