PPC Agency Shropshire

We are a PPC Agency based in the market town of Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Our PPC strategies are conversion focussed with a consistent goal of maximising the return on ad spend for our clients. 

As a Google partner agency, we have extensive experience in delivering performance based paid search across search, shopping, display and video advertising.

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What is Paid Search?

Paid search is a model of digital advertising where you pay whenever your advert is clicked.

But how does it work?

Essentially, we place bids on target keywords for example “PPC Agency” in defined locations and write enticing advertisements to incentivise prospective clients to visit websites.

The amount you pay per click is a product of quality score and your max bid price, where we enter into an auction to outbid competitors.

It’s a great model of advertising as we can target specific keywords, where we know users are in the buying phase and direct them to your landing page to convert. The model is scalable, so once we know it’s profitable for you, ad spend and leads/sales can increase in line with your customer acquisition targets. 

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Why use a PPC Agency?

We are experts in our field.

Paid search changes rapidly, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of lead generation strategies and platform changes to Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Bing. There’s a lot to consider! So hiring a PPC agency will not only save you time, but also money as your returns will pay for the service.

We have some great industry leading tools at our disposal, strategies proven through years of experience and millions of £ in ad spend. So why not trust the experts to get the most out of your paid media spend?

Monthly reporting, transparent approach

Simple, transparent reporting of the real ROI of your PPC campaigns.

We deliver both a dynamic report through Data Studio and monthly reports with regular client calls. This ensures we’re singing from the same hymn sheet and that you know what you’re getting for your investment.

We present data in a manner that you’ll understand, steered by you, and information that is important to you. Essentially, we’re all about conversions and you’ll want to know what you’re getting and what it’s costing, so that’s how we break it down for you. 

It’s simple, it’s efficient and it’s effective.

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Google Ads

How does it work?

We target the top performing keywords and bid to generate relevaqnt traffic

It all starts with someone conducting a search, you enter the auction if the search term matches one of the keywords you are bidding on.

Based on a product of your bid, competition and other relevant factors such as relevancy, your ad can be eligible for the auction.

The placement of the ad (and ultimately the cost and performance) are determined by a combination of your maximum bid limit and ad rank. We need to optimise both to get the most cost effective clicks and conversions.