Stephanie's Sweet Shop


Stephanie & Ashley came to us with a desire to launch a premium online sweet shop. We worked with them to outline a scope, build and launch the site, as well as advising on marketing strategy to generate initial revenue and post launch support.

What We Did

We utilised the Shopify platform and a couple of approved Shopify apps including cart abandonment, facebook & instagram shop integration and a live instagram feed to get the desired site functionality.

The store had a challenge with users requesting personalised messages, so we added a function to add a message as an additional product on each individual product page, and generate additional revenue.

The site itself is minimalist in design and providing a luxury feel to something that isn’t generally associated with premium service.

Stephanie's Sweet Shop

The Result

The site converts at an eye watering 13.9% and due to the nature of the product set, is growing organically through social media channels very well. The clients themselves are extremely happy, and this was a pleasure to work on from start to finish!

As of yet, all growth has been organic as we haven’t even started paid advertising activity yet! Truly outstanding results.

Why not take a look at Stephanie’s Sweet Shop to see the finished product, and for more information on our eCommerce builds, head over to our Web Design page.

  • The site converts at an incredible 13.9% with over 600 transactions in the first month of trading!
  • The low bounce rate is testament to visitors finding exactly what they’re looking for when finding the site. Engaged users that convert are the foundation of any successful online business, and this is just a great case of that!
  • Most eCommerce businesses lose a huge % of their prospective clients at checkout. What most don’t do, is re-engage effectively. By setting up an effective cart abandonment email, timed, and incentivised, we’ve added otherwise lost orders, without a cost to the business.