Tate UK Group


Tate UK Group came to us with a request for a quickly turned around one page website.
They had content already written and a logo complete but completely left the design in our hands.

What We Did

We created a simple one page website design with prominent and clear calls to action, anchor points to relevant content via a false header, simple enquiry forms and added a visual touch to what otherwise would have been a heavy text based content site.


The site itself is built in WordPress using the Elementor page builder. The server is UK based and features caching and a CDN to improve server response times and page load speed. On site, we’ve optimised images through a compression agent, minimised CSS and JS, enabled lazy loading of images and optimised for SEO purposed.

Head over to the Tate UK Group Website to see more of our work, but we also highly recommend them for commercial and domestic cleaning services, they’re based in Shropshire just like us and offer an excellent service for clients of all sizes.


Since then we have worked closely with Tate to create a social selling strategy through Linkedin to target commercial clients in the new home building sector, as well as establishing a PPC campaign which is currently delivering leads at a 4% conversion rate!


In order to do this, we worked with them to closely identify their target prospects, create ads and lead forms, set up conversion tracking and retarget through both personalised messaging and a retargeting list. 

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